Promethea, Alan Moore

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Jason says, "If The Invisibles is an excellent introduction to chaos magick in graphic novel form, Promethea is its equivalent for ceremonial magick. You'll learn a tremendous amount about the Western Magical Tradition herein, including all of the traditional ceremonial attributions, how the Tarot and Qabalah work, how magick can be used as a path of spiritual evolution, and lots, lots more. Look, it's a must. It'll light up the sometimes dry material you can find in Crowley and the Golden Dawn and help you just get it. This comes in a set of five trade paperbacks—One, Two, Three, Four and Five."

The second volume of the critically acclaimed, multiple award-winning series PROMETHEA is every bit as good as, if not better than, the first volume — and we don't make that statement lightly!This collection follows Sophie Bangs, the latest in a long line of Prometheas, on a winding journey of discovery as she continues to learn the secrets of the Immateria...and herself. Her transcendental adventure brings young Sophie to realms of magic and wonder that none have experienced before. Collecting PROMETHEA issues #7-12, this book contains such fan-favorite stories as "Rocks and Hard Places," where Sophie learns about the Promethea named Bill, and "Sex, Stars, and Serpents," where Sophie learns some… er… valuable lessons.Moore — the most lauded writer in the history of comics — and the fan-favorite art team of Williams & Gray combine their talents for a unique vision in comics that Entertainment Weekly has given an "A-" — describing the creative team as "seemingly hell-bent on reinventing the art of comics storytelling."