Folding Meditation Bench

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Jason says, "I absolutely love this bench and can't overemphasize how important it has been to my practice. It allows one to assume Dragon Asana, or Zen-style meditation, fairly easily—and also facilitates the practice of pranayama and even more complex asanas and practices. I got one of these at the much-missed Bodhi Tree Bookstore in Los Angeles many years ago—it was one of the most worthwhile purchases of my life. One note: Mine doesn't have the cushioning that has apparently been added to this model, but I do tend to cushion mine with a blanket anyway."

Our Folding Meditation Bench is stable while in use, yet conveniently folds so you can easily take it with you to your group meditation or meditation retreat, making it our most popular bench. With folded legs, it easily slips into a backpack, suitcase or one of our beautiful bench bags. Heavy duty hinges connect the Alder hardwood legs to the Birch plywood top. The Folding Bench has a layer of foam and a layer of cotton batting, and is upholstered with your choice of cotton canvas or raw silk.

Pair your bench with one of our wool filled zabutons for ultimate comfort. Also, consider personalizing your meditation bench with carved legs, custom engraving or add both and save!

Made in the USA

Made in our family-owned shop in the Sierra Foothills of Northern California

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Please note that rather than being smooth and shinny, raw silk is soft and lightly textured.