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The Alchemy of Chaos is the ultimate course in leveraging every magical, psychological, economic and practical tool possible to master life, no matter how chaotic the world is.

This course is the blueprint for retaking control of your financial and spiritual destiny. For attaining not just grace under pressure, but power under pressure.

If you're confused, if you're hurt, if you're afraid of what the future might hold... you're not alone.

But if you're ready to take back your future, this course will cut through the murk and confusion like a lightning bolt and show you how to use the pressure to turn your life into an unbreakable diamond.

It will be a hands-on, experiential, step-by-step process of transformation from somebody that life happens to, into somebody that happens to life.

A crisis can be the worst thing that ever happened to you, or the ultimate gift. Magick is what makes the difference.

This is Magick for those who refuse to let a passing nightmare derail their dreams.

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