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This is a gift card for the following course(s) on Magick.Me: The Fortuna Working

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In this exclusive, first-of a kind Working from Magick.Me, you'll undertake an intensive, extended magical ritual for building wealth.

This isn't a course. Instead, it's an actual step-by-step magical working that you'll undertake over several days to supercharge your finances and wealth-generating capacity.

Named in the honor of the Roman goddess of wealth and fortune, it is designed to leverage every single aspect of your consciousness towards generating money, for a pre-defined period of time. And while it is certainly intense, it can also be easily integrated (and should be integrated!) with your daily commitments and busy holiday schedule. It will also be completely customizable to your current circumstances.

(You can, of course, repeat this process as many times as you like, increasing the intensity as you go!)

The Fortuna Working will utilize, and test, everything that you've previously learned in Magick.Me courses. However, even complete beginners will be given everything they need to do the working. It will synergize perfectly with all of the other courses at Magick.Me, and begin the process of rapidly building up, refining, and deepening wealth consciousness.

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