Adept Initiative Gift Card

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This is a gift card for the following course(s) on Magick.Me: The Adept Initiative 

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THE ADEPT INITIATIVE is an in-depth training program in magick and mysticism, designed to give you absolute mastery over your life.

This first-of-its-kind Megacourse will leverage the greatest spiritual tools available to humanity to liberate, empower and awaken you to your innate freedom and true purpose in life—and it will provision you with the tools you need to fulfill that purpose. And not twenty years in the future, but Now.

The purpose of this course is to free you both spiritually and financially. It is to create free, awakened, self-reliant men and women—even, perhaps especially, in a time of universal deceit.

There will be no New Age silliness. No wishful thinking. No dogma. Just raw, effective technique, backed by science and practical experience.

This massive course—comparable to a binge-worthy Netflix show or a major video game—is constructed so that it can be integrated with even the busiest work schedule, and even increase your focus on your daily duties, rather than taking you away from them.

This will not be a course about theory and academic knowledge. It will be an immersive, life-changing experience. Whether you're brand new to this topic or have a lifetime of experience, THE ADEPT INITIATIVE will supercharge your soul and transform your life forever.

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