Hyperworlds, Underworlds

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Jason says, "A collection of my long-form journalism, including tons of material on advanced meditation. If my books above are about how to do magic, this is my magical record, collecting dispatches from one man's attempt to put magical teachings into practice on the front lines of the reality war, and prevent the world from sliding into oblivion."

The new collection of Jason Louv’s writing about consciousness, transhumanism and the future of humanity.

Hyperworlds, Underworlds is an uncompromising chronicle of the utopian dreams and apocalyptic nightmares of the 21st century.

In the articles gathered here, journalist Jason Louv hands you his ambitious map of the future. He chronicles the social mutations caused by globalization and technology, the rampant abuses of corporations and intelligence agencies, the robotification of war, and how technology and mass communications are used for control of the population. For answers to the questions posed by our brave new world, he looks to our culture’s outsiders and rebels, and combs the fringes of spirituality for ways to destablize the Machine.

Hyperworlds, Underworlds is more than a record of a journalist’s best work. It’s a toolkit for understanding our tumultuous world, and finding a way to re-establish our very humanity in the face of a relentlessly dehumanizing future.

With a trickster magician’s sardonic humor, Louv reveals the future to come—and gives you the power to change it.