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Jason says, "What??? You ask. Seriously dude?? No, I'm not bullsh*tting you to sell affiliate deals for a pricey piece of gear. Although most people (perhaps rightly) consider the Echo to be a frivolous consumer excess, it actually turns out to be a phenomenally useful tool for magick, primarily because it allows you to control environmental conditions and do things without moving—i.e., breaking a yogic pose or getting out of your magical circle during a ritual. This actually solves, in a single stroke, many of the most grating day-to-day annoyances that ritual magicians and yogis have faced for centuries. Here's a few of the pertinent things you can do with the Echo:

  • Set a timer to wake you out of meditation at a set time, without moving

  • Turn a stopwatch on or off to help you time pranayama, without moving

  • Take notes and dictation for your magical record, particularly if you get interesting ideas that you don't want to lose in the flow of the ritual, to save for later

  • Ask the Echo to pull a random Tarot card or cast an I Ching hexagram

  • Control ambient music to suit your current state of consciousness and easily segue between music to fit parts of a ritual—again, without moving, or even opening your eyes. The Echo comes pre-loaded with a tremendous range of ambient, white noise and meditative sound loops, and many more are being added constantly through Amazon Skills. If you connect the Echo to Spotify and/or an Amazon Prime Music account, you'll have access to a good chunk of the recorded output of all human history, that you can now summon with a single voice command to perfectly soundtrack your voyage into inner space. (Yes, that even includes Coil's Time Machines, the #1 tried-and-tested all-time favorite ritual soundtrack in occult history.) For really good and immersive sound, you can connect the Echo to a bluetooth speaker system like a Sonos Play:1

  • If you have the Echo connected to a smart lighting system, like Phillips Hue, you can perfectly control the ambient lighting in your ritual space, from barely-there to all-the-way-on and everything in between—again, all without moving.

These are just a few of the untapped potential uses of the Amazon Echo for magick. If you discover more, please let me know! (PS: Amazon claims that the Echo only records what you're saying and sends it back to Amazon HQ after you say the command word. However, if you're overly concerned about digital privacy, please do your own research before installing an Echo.)"

Meet Echo - Echo (3rd Gen) has new premium speakers powered by Dolby to play 360° audio with crisp vocals and dynamic bass response.